Best Websites and apps to watch football matches Live

watch-live-football-streaming-on-mobile-and-pc Football is a great game and there are lots of fan and followers of this game who are crazy about their favorite team. I was checking Quora and found that many people were facing a hard time finding sites and apps that deliver genuine streaming of ongoing matches and events. So we started researching and […] Read It →

Best custom ROM for OnePlus 3 [Three]

Best custom ROM for OnePlus 3 One Plus 3 is one of the best Android phone at its price range, it made other flagship devices look costly and wastage of money. OnePlus 3 has lots of custom ROMs available over the internet. Lots of developers are getting attracted to this device because it packs high-end hardware and there are lots of […] Read It →

How to Speed up your iPhone – Optimize, Clean, Tune Up for best performance and increase battery backup

Get Best performance out of iPhone - Clean optimize and Tune for speed iPhone is an essential part of Apple’s product range and they are regularly improvising them and introducing new devices.Apple packs the top notch Hardware and innovative features into their iPhones, which makes it one of the most popular and demanded smartphones across the globe. iPhone is a device which everyone thinks that they could own, Just owning […] Read It →

Best Budget Flagship Android Phone 2016

Best Budget Flagship Android Phone CES 2016 and MWC 2016 has already witnessed the launch of several exciting new devices that are ready to take over the market. Companies are competition hard and experimenting a lot to find what customer will love. Most people are purchasing mid-range phones because nobody wants to keep phones for long as technology and requirements […] Read It →

Best Xposed Framework Modules for Android Lollipop/Marshmallow

Best Xposed framework Modules for Android Xposed framework is now available for Android 6.0 Marshmallow Devices, these Best Xposed framework modules will help you with customizing your Android experience. Most people rely on Custom ROM to improvise performance, get new features or refresh User Interface. There are other ways to achieve the same. If you have not rooted your device, then […] Read It →

Best Keyboard apps for Android – Change the way you text

Best Keyboard apps for Android for fast and easy typing emojis multiple languages Best Android Keyboard app is not much hard to find. You need to note down your preferences and look into a comparison of keyboard apps available for Android platform. Android revolutionized the Smartphone market, one of the biggest things it changed is the way we type on our phone. Previously, phones used to come with […] Read It →