IOS Advantages

Since 2010, iOS has become the main operating system for all iPhones. Apple’s main goal was to create a convenient OS for smartphones that would be equally understandable for all users. As you know, the iOS release was received extremely positively, and there are many reasons for this. Here are the top benefits you should know about.

ios advantages

Easy to Use Interface

And here is the first advantage with which it is difficult to argue. iOS is one of the most simple and intuitive operating systems for portable gadgets. So many widgets and options are so simple that you don’t have to spend much time learning them.


Moreover, the main desktop can be compared to with a link that helps you find all the information you need at the moment. In addition, Apple annually improves the operating system and optimizes the operation of each software product so that users do not experience discomfort.

The App Store

Unlike Google Play, the App Store is a safer place to download apps. The fact is that the company has a multi-level procedure for checking applications and games. As a result, you can count on the fact that there are practically no viruses or malicious software in the software store.


In addition, the company has optimized the interface and recommendation system so that you can find a lot of useful content, even on the store’s home page. By the way, contrary to many myths, the iOS store contains many free applications and games. So you don’t need to pay for time killers and many basic apps.


And here is another obvious advantage that makes all iPhones so attractive to potential buyers. The fact is that Apple uses hardware and software encryption to protect data. So this means that your gadget is very difficult to hack. In addition, you can easily track the location of your gadget using geolocation. Moreover, each user can lock the smartphone remotely if required. The only condition for this procedure is a stable network connection.

A Good Symbiosis of Software and Hardware

Optimization is something that many people like when buying Apple smartphones. The fact is that hardware unification allows a company to optimize the work of the software shell and many applications. As a result, you are unlikely to experience any problems when switching modes, working with many tabs or options. Optimization of programs also had a positive effect on the battery life of all iPhones. In addition, iOS is very efficient at using processor power, so you don’t have to close any applications for comfortable web surfing or gaming.

Iphones Works Beautifully With Macs

The biggest advantage of iOS is its adaptability to the general Apple ecosystem. The fact is that you can experience a true level of comfort by connecting your smartphone to Mac. Now you can share files, receive calls and manage your content on the big screen. In addition, you can easily find a smartphone lost in the room. Finally, the convenience of synchronization is obvious. You just need a couple of clicks to be able to transfer photos and videos to your computer.

Apple Pay

You probably know that Apple Pay is one of the safest ways to pay for goods and services in stores. Unlike Google Pay, iOS does not copy your card details but creates transactional requests each time you pay for a product or service. All Apple smartphones support this option, so you can always go shopping and not worry about leaving your wallet at home. Plus, setting up Apple Pay is very simple. Even a student can handle step-by-step instructions.

Family Sharing

You’ve probably heard that apps and games can be very expensive. But what about Family Sharing? The point is that you can share apps, music, movies, and other content with six accounts. The main advantage is that these six users don’t have to be your family. So now you can significantly save on purchases in iTunes or the App Store. In addition, all downloaded content will be available to you at any time.

Regular Updates

And here is another important advantage of iOS. Having bought an iPhone, you can count on regular updates. The fact is that Apple has been supporting even old devices for years. Typically, the average maintenance cycle is 5-7 years. You are unlikely to see the same level of customer care on Android. Usually, vendors stop releasing updates even for Android flagships after 1-2 years. So this is why iOS has an advantage in terms of stability, even if you have an old gadget.

Final Words

Now you know all the benefits of iOS. The company is not shy about asking for big bucks for smartphones and tablets but offers many useful features in return. Users love the Apple ecosystem due to its simplicity and versatility. Even beginners can easily master all the key options and enjoy multitasking. All you need is 10-20 minutes and a desire to understand how your new smartphone works.

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