Specs to Pay Attention to When Choosing an Android Smartphone

Year after year, smart devices become more advanced and modernized, providing new features and improved performance. As a result, today we have a great variety of options to choose from, which enables us to make perfect pictures and have a good connection when talking to our friends worldwide. Furthermore, smartphones with at least 2000 mAh battery and 15 hours of talk time make it possible for us to be available wherever we are and implement any activity that our work or study demands. Thus, your device is not just an expensive piece of plastic and glass but a valuable item with important functions that make our life easier and more efficient.

If you are a student and looking for a suitable gadget to fulfill your needs at work or during the course, you may need to learn some special specs on what to pay attention to when buying an Android phone. The process requires some patience and budget. It’s also recommended to replace your device every two years even if it functions well because the hardware and operating system may get antiquated when the phone is two years old. Saving up money, in this case, can be an issue for a student with a part-time job. Tips for Working Students will provide you with helpful recommendations on how to escape financial problems while studying, which would enable you to acquire the smartphone of your dreams as soon as possible.

An Android Phone Features Guide

Suppose you have already decided to buy a good device to help you keep track of appointments and contact as well as video calling and video conferencing, which became so typical today with the remote study and work due to the pandemic situation. Thus, this device became more than a must-have as it is one of the means people stay connected while the borders are closed. However, obtaining a smartphone still remains a significant issue in some countries as the prices are not getting lower, and we have to spend a substantial part of our income on getting one. Anyway, it’s relevant to make the right choice and buy the phone to suit our needs and serve longer. However, it’s getting harder to pick out the right one with so many brands and models available, offering various features and modernizations. Here are the specs to consider when buying an Android smartphone that would fit your requirements and serve long years.

Screen brightness

Why does screen brightness matter more than resolution? Because we tend to spend hours looking at the screen, watching videos, and typing text messages. That’s why it’s important to make sure that the brightness is sharp enough to see the text outdoors and not to have it blurry. In addition, the color quality, in this case, would be one of the main concerns as it provides us with a better picture and more qualified videos. Thus, you’ll be more satisfied with the phone display when watching movies with good brightness and color quality.

Screen size

When looking through the variants offered for screen size, it’s necessary to consider your purposes, whether one-hand use is optional for you, and the size of your hands. With the smaller hands, it’s probably more convenient to acquire the device with less than 5.5 inches. However, today people tend to buy Androids with bigger screens for playing video games and watching series. Moreover, the phone-makers consider that larger screens are in better demand and make it comfortable for a user to apply the phone in 18:9 aspect ratios.

The most popular and available sizes are between 5:8 and 6:4 inches. However, if you are an average user with limited needs, you can obtain a 720p (HD) screen, which would serve your purpose fine.

A proper storage

You can find a lot of budget models in the market that offer you devices with storage of fewer than 32 GB which is a total rip-off. Try to avoid such recommendations as to the purposes we have today are demanding more space for keeping information and contacts that we use for work and studies. Thus, getting at least 32 GB would enable you to store more photos and videos. Besides, make sure you have a microSD card slot for expanding your storage.


One more feature that is in great demand among Android smartphone users is a modernized camera. However, a camera with more megapixels does not result in good images. If you are the one who tends to take lots of pictures anywhere you are, whether on traveling or on business trips when you deal with micro tools and documents, the quality of a picture is relevant. Basic features with flagships and dual-camera set-up in the back will work fine for you. Samsung Galaxy line has always been famous for its excellent performance and incredible camera quality. You can think about this one if money is no object, of course. Without a doubt, most Android smartphones have some of the best cameras that the phone industry can ever offer you. So whatever model you choose, with heavier or bulkier sides, almost each has an excellent camera with versatility and quality in mind.


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