How to install ClockWorkMod recovery or TWRP recovery on any Android device

Android has an in-build diagnostic and debugging system known as recovery. Most all devices have built recovery but some manufacturers lock down them. You will need to unlock the bootloader and then you will be able to boot into the recovery system. Custom recovery is 3rd party recovery system introduced by the developer’s group. There are many custom recovery available for different devices but the major ones are ClockWorkMod and TWRP. Clockworkmod is developed by Kaushik Dutta and TWRP is by a “team win” group of developers.

Custom recovery has all the basic functionalities of a Stock recovery added with some extra options. You will be able to flash zip files, clear Dalvik cache or cache partition, do a factory reset. Once you have rooted your device you can install the Custom recovery to flash ROM, kernel, or other mods available as zip files.

Tip: Root any Android Phone on Ice Cream Sandwich or Jelly Bean firmware

How to install ClockWorkMod recovery or TWRP recovery on any Android device

ClockworkMod recovery

Developed by a well-known developer who has introduced many essential apps for Android users – “Kaushik Dutta”. There are key operated and Touch variants of CWM recovery available for different devices. Most of the Samsung and Sony users love the ClockworkMod recovery. Even third-party developers have modded ClockworkMod to run on devices that are from Micromax, Lava, etc.

It’s easy to flash Clockworkmod recovery using ROM Manager. Install the ROM manager app from the play store on your device. Now, select recovery setup >> Install or update recovery. Just tap on Flash Clockworkmod recovery and it will download and flash the recovery for you.  Another way you can flash CWM using Odin or a similar flashing application available for your device.

TWRP recovery:

This project started as an alternative to key-operated CWM recovery. Team Win members decided to create a stable touch-based recovery system that will be more useful and easy to use as most of the devices have touch screens. TWRP is available for a limited number of devices and third-party developers are compiling it for other devices but it’s not stable and fully functional most of the time.

TWRP can be installed with the help of a ROM manager-like app known as GooManager. Just install the app from the play store and open it. Tap on the menu option “Install openrecoveryscript“. Then Tap “yes” for confirmation, verify the file name, and the app will download and install the TWRP recovery.

Another way is similar to flashing ClockWorkMod using Odin. You will need to download the zipped recovery file available for your device and flash it to your device using adb commands or a flashing tool.

Install CWM or TWRP on rooted Android device with One Click tool:

We recently came across an app developed by XDA forum member DsLNeXuS which can help you flash recovery file to your Phone. This app is already programmed with adb commands that are required to flash recovery. This is a very useful app and has been made available on Play store. There is a long list of supported devices:

Install CWM or TWRP on rooted Android device with One Click tool

Both CWM and TWRP available 
Google Nexus

One (passion)
S (crespo/crespo4g)
Galaxy Nexus (maguro/toro/toroplus)
N4 (mako)
N7 (grouper/tilapia/flo/deb)
N10 (manta)
Transformer Infinity (ft700t)

HD2 (leo)
Desire HD (ace)
Desire S (saga)
Desire X (protou)
Sensation (pyramid)
Fireball (fireball)
Incredible S (vivo)
Incredible 2 (vivow)
EVO (supersonic/CDMA)
EVO 3D (shooter/shooteru)
Evo 4G LTE (jewel)
Vivid (holiday)
One V (primou)
One S (ville/villec2)
One X (endeavoru)
One XL (evita)
Butterfly (dlxub1)
Droid DNA (dlx)
ONE GSM (m7/m7ul/m7wls/m7spr)


Motorola Atrix 4G (olympus)


Oppo Find5 (find5/x909)

Galaxy S4 (GT-I9505/jflte/xx/spr/can/att/usc/ja3g)
Galaxy S2 LTE (skyrocket)
Galaxy Note 10.1 (p4notewifi/n8013)
Galaxy Note 2 LTE (t0lte/tmo/att/can/vzw)
Galaxy SIII (i9300/d2att/d2tmo/d2vzw/d2spr)
Galaxy SIII Mini (golden)
Galaxy Mini II (jena)
Xperia Z (C6603)

Optiomus G (geeb/geebhrc)
GT540 Optimus (swift)
G2X (p999)
P990 OPTIMUS 2X/SPEED (p990)
Optimus Black (p970)

Sequence (warp2)

CWM only

Galaxy SII (i9100/i9100G)
Galaxy S2 AT&T (SGH-I777/SGH-I727)
Galaxy Note (n7000)
Galaxy Note II (n8000)
GalaxyS Captivate (SGH-I897)
Galaxy S (i9000/M/T/galaxys/galaxysmtd)
Galaxy Tab 2 (GT-P3113)
Droid (sholes)
Droid2 (droid2/droid2we)
XOOM (stingray/wingray)

Optimus G International (geehrc)
Optimus HD X4 (x3)
Optimus 3D (p920)
Optimus 2X (p990)
Rezound (vigor)
G2 (vision)
Hero (hero)
Desire (bravo)
One X+ (enrc2)
Butterfly J (dlxj)
Xperia Z (c6602)

-Blade (blade)

TWRP only


PadFone 2 (a68)

N7 (deb)

Desire C (golfu)

Optimus L5 (e610)

Galaxy SIII (d2can/d2cri/d2usc/d2mtr)
Galaxy S4 (Google Play Edition/jgedlte)
Galaxy Mega 5.8 (crater)
Xperia S(nozomi/LT30p)
Xperia Play(mint/LT26i)

-Kindle Fire HD 7″ (tate)

CUSTOM recovery only

-A700 (picasso_m)

-Transformer Pad (TF300T)

-Galaxy S II Duos (SCH-i929)
-Epic 4G Touch (SPH-D710)
-Galaxy S4 (ja3g/ja3gchnduos)
-Galaxy S3 (d2vmu)
-Galaxy Exhibit (ancora_tmo)
-Galaxy Tab 7 Plus (p6200)
-Galaxy Note 8.0 (konawifi/konalteatt)
-Galaxy Note II CDMA (t03gctc)
-Galaxy Mega (melius3g)
-Galaxy Mega LTE (meliuslte)
-Galaxy S2 (GT-I9105P)
-Galaxy Note 10.1 (p4notelte)
-Galaxy Music (ivoryss)
-Galaxy S4 Mini (serranolte)
-Galaxy Tab 3 8.0 3G (lt013g)

-First (mystul)
-Flyer (flyer)
-Desire SV (magnids)

-U9508 (hwu9508)
-Ascend P1 (u9200)
-C8813 (hwc8813)
-C8812E (c8812e)

-Milestone XT720 (sholest)
-ATRIX HD (qinara)
-Droid X (shadow/cdma_shadow)
-RAZR M (scorpion_mini)
-Droid Ultra (obake/m)
-Droid RAZR (spyder/cdma_spyder)
-DROID RAZR HD (vanquish/_u)
-Photon Q 4G LTE (xt897)
Xoom UMTS (everest)
-DROID4 (maserati)
-MB612 (venus2)
-Electrify M (solstice)
-RAZR M (smq_u)
-RAZR R (dinara_td)
Xoom 2 (pasteur)

-Optimus G2 (g2)
-Optimus One CDMA (thuderc)
-Optimus Elite (m3s)
-Optimus Me (pecan)
-Optimus F7 (fx1)
-Optimus F3 (fx3)
-Connect 4G (cayman)
-F100S (batman_skt)
-P769 (u2)
-Spectrum II 4G (vs930)
-Motion 4G (l0)
-Lucid2 (l1v)

-Amazon Kindle Fire (otter)
-Amazon Kindle Fire2 (otter2)
-Kyocera Torque (e6710)
Xolo Play (us9230e1)
-PANTECH IM-A840SP (im-a840s/p)
-K-Touch C980t (lc1810)
Vestel Mevlana (mevlana)
-Fujitsu F-02E (f02e)
-Barnes & Noble NookHD+ (ovation)
-SKY IM-A830S (ef47s)
-SKY IM-A830L (ef46l)
-ZTE Quantum (quantum)
-ZTE Z998 (coeus)
Xiaomi MI 2A (taurus)

-AND 70% of the other devices not all listed

You just need to have a rooted phone and then you can install the app. Once you launch it will ask for root access, grant it and go ahead. It will show the options once it detects the device. You can tap on the “Flash ClockWorkMod” Or “Flash TWRP recovery” option to download and flash the recovery.

5 thoughts on “How to install ClockWorkMod recovery or TWRP recovery on any Android device”

  1. Surely there must be a way to install TWRP *without* rooting? Rooting the Xoom in 2014 seems to be more or less impossible because no-one has a clear instruction and I keep getting some garbled piece of malware posing as…

  2. I.jave been rooting and flashing roms for.a.while. i pur clockwork mod recovery on my lg optimus f3 v7. And now im having a hell of a time removing it. Anyone know.a way either to just delete it.or where exaxtly i can go to get a stock recovery file. This.tbing is messing up my pbone big time.
    Thank you

  3. On my Galaxy S GT-I9000 with Android 2.1, I have “Market”. When I search in Market, I cannot find ROM Manager, GooManager nor “Recovery Tools” to install ClockworkMod or TWRP. Is there another way to install these? Fastboot and fast_image seem like extremely complicated methods.

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