Must have apps for your Android phone or Tablet

Android is reaching all types of users with its diversified hardware range. Android is not available from MTK, ARM, and X86 hardware and you can find all sorts of devices ranging from as low as $50 to as high as $1000. People are loving Android because of its ease of use and variety of applications available on its store for free. Currently, there are over 1.3 million apps available on the Google Play store. You can get almost all types of apps on the store ranging from document editor, photo editor, themes, customization, performance apps, and millions of games to play. It’s easy for a new user to start, but mostly they get confused when they see multiple apps available for the same purpose.

Must have apps for Android phone and Tablet users

When you have devices that are budget cheap phones or tablets and you have fewer resources then it gets much harder to choose apps. We have tested and handpicked the apps, we are suggesting below that will prove very efficient for phones with low resources. These apps are beneficial to people who own a phone with a higher hardware configuration. These apps with maximize performance, improve battery life, and will help to free resources for the app that you want to use.

Tips: Best app to improve your Android device performance.

Must have apps for Android Phones and Tablets

Greenify: This is a well-known app for most of Android power users which identify and automatically hibernates the constantly running apps that hogs on power and battery. This app not only saves battery life but also bumps up the performance of system. When Greenify was first launched it did not provide auto hibernation feature to non-rooted users. But now, Greenify can automatically hibernate app, once you provide it rights using settings>>accessibility of your device. [Tutorial]

MX player: You can download and play almost all kind of video file on Android using MX player. It’s like VLC or KM Player for Windows users. Although, there is an Android version of VLC available but while testing we found that MX player is more stable and has more features than VLC for Android. There are some advanced features like hardware acceleration, pinch to zoom, subtitle, multicore decoding. You can play mp4, mkv, avi etc.

WPS Office: Everyone gets attachments on your email be it pdf, word file, excel file, or presentation, you will be able to open it all with WPS office. It is free and easy to use and supports file formats like .pdf, .docx, .xlsx, pptx etc. You can also share your office files via mail, or Evernote and you can back them up to preferred cloud storage.

ES File Explorer: File manager or explorer is a necessary app for Android devices. Manufacturers like Samsung, LG, and Asus are shipping their devices with a preinstalled version of their custom-made file manager but most of them seem to be boring. ES File explorer has much better UI and features. ES file explorer comes with a download manager, task killer, cloud storage client, application manager, and video player. If you have rooted your devices then you can use it as a “Root explorer” to access system files and edit them.

Superbeam: Do you keep transferring files between multiple devices or sharing them with friends? Superbeam makes Bluetooth file sharing very easy by leveraging NFC technology and Wi-FI Direct. If your phone or Tablet does not support NFC or Wi-Fi Direct, then you can share files via a Wi-Fi hotspot with another device. The Transfer speed is as good as 50Mbps.

Please feel free to suggest any app, that you think should get a place on this list. We will keep updating this list with new useful apps.

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