How to Optimize, Speed Up, Clean up your Android Phone or Tablet for best Performance

Android OS one of the most flexible mobile operating system till now, Android based Smartphone and tablets has become very popular in a very short span of time. Every day mobile manufacturers are coming out with their more powerful and are equipped with latest software and the power to customize everything. Android Smartphone and tablets are in great demand today and every one want to own at least one Android based Smartphone but just to own an Android Smartphone is not enough. Android Smartphone needs to be protected and well maintained so that it will give you its best performance. In this article we are going to tell some easy tips to keep your Android Smartphone and tablet for Optimize, Speed Up, Clean up your Android Phone or Tablet for best Performance.

Tip: Increase battery life of your Android phone

How to optimize Android for fast performance

Steps to Optimize, Speed Up, Clean up your Android Phone or Tablet for best Performance:

Root Your Android Device:

Rooting Android device is one of the best ways to get access to the power of your Android Smartphone and tablet. Rooting your Android tablet and Smartphone is a very easy and simple task; if you root your device you will be able to use lots of custom ROMs available for your Android Smartphone and tablet. Custom ROMs generally come with pre-overclocked which allow your phone’s processor to run much faster than it previously was and some custom ROM have settings which will tweak overclock speed and will make it run much faster. You can also use another highly recommended app Titanium Backup which will give you the option to remove all the unwanted system applications from your tab and phone. Therefore we can say that if you really want to optimize your Android tablet and Smartphone you must root your device.

Kill Live Wallpapers:

Live Wallpapers look really very nice when colors move here and there on your tablet or phone screen, Live circuit board is also very impressing as anyone will be pleased and surprised looking it. Live wallpaper although love very nice and makes your Android device beautiful but in reality it slows down your Android Smartphone and tab and if you own an older device then we will strictly suggest you to remove it from your Smartphone. All the Android phone users can avoid using live wallpaper and you see the result your Android device will run much faster than it was running before. Therefore we will suggest you to kill live wallpaper for better and improved performance.

Use a Task Killer:

Task killer app is known by all the Android users and you might have tried different task killer apps on your Android Smartphone and tab. We have tried different task killer app and finally come up with a nice and useful task killer app named Advanced Task Killer, it is available in Google play store and you can download it for free. The advanced Task killer app will help you to increase your Android phone’s performance as it comes with very some nice and useful features like ‘Auto Kill’, ‘Ignore List’ and a widget which will give you the option to kill any app on a single click from your home screen. This app is one of the best task killer app. Available and you will be benefited using this app just give it a try.

Download Advanced Task Killer app from Google Play.

Manage Widgets:

Android users love their widgets but it defiantly hampers your phone performance and speed. There are plenty of widgets which make your device to run slow you can try it for yourself and judge. Live widgets which need to be updated on a regular basis like the weather widgets causes your Android Smartphone to run very slow than some stationary widgets. Therefore we will strictly recommend you to keep a watch on your widgets specially live widgets which need to be updated very frequently and you will see the result that your Smartphone is running very smoothly and performance will also be increased.

Remove Unused Apps:

There might be surely some of the apps which have no use but it is still there on your phone. Applications which are installed on your Android phone take some of the memory of your internal memory and as you know he less memory phone has the slower it gets. If you have any such app installed on your Android TAB and Smartphone which have no use but is there just like a burden then we would suggest you to remove such app from your device. Once you will remove these apps you will come to know that your Android Smartphone or tablet speed has increased to some extent, so just check it one.

Install Custom ROM 

Once you have rooted your device, an optimized custom ROM can level up the performance. Choose the best custom ROM available for your device. There are some well optimized ROM available for Phones. For Samsung Galaxy users I will suggest Slimbean ROM for other choose a light weight ROM that is deodexed and zipaligned. It would be great if the ROM provides an option for undervolting or Overclocking. If the developer has added some INIT tweaks and removed bloatware than its further advantageous.

We will be suggestion few more steps to speed up your Android device in our next session.

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