Must have apps to do awesome things with Android

Android is evolving mobile operating system, and it is still in its initial but stable state. This makes it open for all types of new features and customizations. There are lots of development happening in UI, functionality of Android. Everyone loves the flexibility and scalability of Android and thus lots of users and developers are getting attracted.Here, we will be discussing some of the most awesome apps you can find at Play store for your Android phone and what they can do for you. I personally have used this app for months and tested them.

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Must have Android apps to do awesome things with your phone tablet

Best Android Launcher [Nova Launcher or Google Now]- Launcher is the main UI of the Android system, so as you change launchers experience will change. There are lots of launchers available on Play store with different functionalities and look. I have used a dozen of the launcher and still do not find something as flawless as Nova launcher. Low profile power usage, optimized for customizations. There are lots of features that can be listed. The premium version provides more extensive features like Gesture controls and improved drawer grouping. You can apply icon pack and other enhancements to make your Android UI look more awesome.

Nova Launcher - best app for Android

Google Now on the other side is wonderful if you want to talk to your phone. You can at anytime slide to the most left of the home screen and get information through voice search, get directions etc.

Profile scheduler: Profile management provides control over Ringtone, sound Volumes and Vibration. A profile Scheduler app for Android can get your profile control on Adrenaline. There are lots of settings depending on location, time, battery status. Like I have set a time for my sleep, I have set my phone to go to silent, disable Vibrate alerts, disable Internet and other wireless connectivity to save battery. But I have also set tome contacts that can call me. This app is totally a magic, try it and you will know.

Tasker: Automating many tasks on Android has been made easy with Tasker. It is mostly like Profile Scheduler but provide control over many aspects of Android OS and apps. Like open a certain app at provided time or location. There are more than 200 Trigger, if you still need more there are lots of Plugins. Tasker can automate almost anything from making a call, whatsapp message, SMS etc.

AirDroid: A wonderful app for people who are not allowed to take phone inside the office. Just connect your phone to Airdroid account and you will never miss an SMS, call, reminder etc. Beside that you will be able to access data like photos and videos on your Android phone. You can also track the location of your Android phone and lock phone whenever required. This app provides you complete control over your Android phone over the Internet.

AirDroid - Get Android notifications on Desktop PC

IFTTT for Android: “If this than that” is another awesome free app you will come across Android Platform to automate different daily jobs. Like I wanted to change my wallpaper of Android phone daily, the wallpaper should be editors choice photo of 500Px. So I will use a pre-made recipe available and whenever a new editor choice photo comes to 500Px website my wallpaper automatically gets changed. There are many other small functions that I automate, like whenever I take a screenshot it is automatically uploaded to Dropbox, or keep my phone and SMS logs on an excel sheet on Google Drive, Start playing a playlist whenever I enter the Gym. There are lots more things you can do easily.

IFTTT automate android tasks with triggers Android

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