Best Anti-Theft Apps for Android- Must have

There are lots of Android phones in the market and some us go for the expensive ones. Phones like Galaxy Note II, HTC Droid DNA cost as much as $800 and thus its essential to apply some Anti-theft security to protect your phone again lost or Steal. We came up with some of the best apps available for the Android platform that can track or help you recover your device at any given instance. The real question is are these apps capable enough to track the thief or find the location of your Phone or Tablet. We tested a dozen of Android anti-theft and security apps that promised to lock the device if its lost and track the location call etc. the person is making who has your device.

 Secure your Android Phone again theft and lost - Anti- theft Android apps

Best Anti-Theft and security Apps for Android


Lookout is renowned App for its reputed mobile security applications that are available in both free and premium versions. Some of the key features of the App are: creation of a 2-gig cloud backup and restore features, thorough App scans to prevent virus and malware, well designed user interface and the usual anti-theft features. The app lacks the feature of alerts or notifications once the SIM card has been replaced, but it has a new Signal Flare Feature which automatically documents your phone’s most recent location before the battery is fully discharged. In some instances issues were found in this app, after the theft of your device it may provide misleading locations therefore this feature needs a little bit of mending.


Cerberus is available in two variants:

Web version: It requires users to initially register for an account on by filling in a valid e-mail address and password. You will then receive a welcome message via e-mail containing the SMS codes (in case the keywords needed by the device to perform a command are stolen).

Mobile App: If your mobile is stolen make sure to familiarize yourself with the most basic commands, you can do it by SMS or online. It would be better to familiarize via online (suggested by the developer). As soon as the commands are successfully deployed locating your device through GPS, getting details such as IP address and current Wi-Fi connection can be retrieved, locking the device and setting up a password in place, starting an alarm with an instant displayed message which is easily readable by the thief and most importantly erasing all data that are there in the internal device memory as well as the external SD Card.


Quick heal is regarded as one the highest rated mobile security app. It has a virus protection features that automatically update anti-virus to the latest version and even scans for malicious malware and Trojans, downloaded apps and stored files. Even calls and messages are scanned for blocking unnecessary spam.

Its anti-theft capacities include, it can remotely lock and block access to your device. The app is equipped with state of the line mobile tracker and locator and SIM change alert. Once the SIM card is taken out without approval, the app will automatically deny access.


The app is efficient in providing all-round security and protection to your device, users can schedule automated scans for consistent virus scans and malware checks. The app includes features, it has the mobile security basics such as locking the device, activating alarms, deleting all your personal data and invalid access to your phone.

The app has even more with it for your device, you will need to download and install additional tools like: Web Shield (minimizes exposure to possible threats while surfing the net), Firewall, SMS and Call filters (responsible in screening incoming calls and texts therefore blocking unwanted calls and messages.) Just remember that all these features can only be used if your device is Rooted.


The app features basic key tools for protection of your mobile and is pre-emptive in nature. The app will immediately notify you of any imminent malware threats before it causes damage to your device. Even an unwanted calls and text spam will be informed to you as it allows you to categorize unwanted callers and senders. Most importantly, the app blocks device access and wipes-off all your saved data and locates the device if stolen.

The upgraded and advanced version of the app can provide additional features. Your phone can still be traced even if the original SIM card used has been replaced or taken out. An automated cloud-based scan can be done simultaneously while another app or a file is currently being downloaded.

There are still many apps that are capable of providing maximum level of security to your device, you can find them in the Google Play Store or the link provided below.

Bitdefender Anti-Theft– Bitdefender is a well known Anti Virus company. They have introduced an Anti-theft app for Android devices on Play store.  It packs most of the features that are required when your phone is stolen. It can let you locate, lock or wipe the data remotely. It also has sim change notification which will sms you when a new sim is inserted in the phone. This will able you to identify the phone number of thieves or the person who is currently using the phone.

More Anti-Theft Apps

Verdict: When you compare all of the above apps you will notice that Cerberes is priced low and the UI is very simple. I will select Android Lost for me, it comes with just $5 one time fee. Android Lost is lightweight yet full featured, you get basically all thing and that too charged once for life time.

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