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iPhone has always been number 1 choice for any smartphone enthusiast and texting or photography junky. New iPhone X came with notch and revolutionized the market and since it, every company is going blindly to provide users with a notch display. Now, that iPhone is available in a wide range of price options ranging from $250 to $1000, more and more people are drifting toward purchasing and using an iPhone. Apple phones are hereditarily more secure than Android and have wide ecosystem supported by Apple cloud infrastructure. You will get all kinds of apps and games for your phone. We are here to discuss apps that can help you spy or track iPhone of your loved and dear ones, to ensure their safety.

spy on iPhone

It’s a good idea to track your kids iPhone so that you can keep a tap on them and ensure their safety and security. Some people even go ahead and spy on their Spouse or girlfriend’s iPhone due to personal insecurity or really find if their partner is cheating on them.

We are here with a list of best iPhone tracking app that will help you check somebody’s iPhone location and activity remotely without letting them know about it.

SpyZie: It is a web-based tracking app that you can use to track iPhone or Android devices. Its is very easy to use. You can monitor anybody’s device and get their data like location, SMS, phone call records, email, WhatsApp, access gallery to download photo or videos, Check browser history. You just need to install a monitoring app on the target phone and then you can access info of that device from any pc or phone. It is easy to use on iPhone and iPad too, you will just need their iCloud account id and password.

Spymaster Pro: if you do not have physical access and do not want to jailbreak the device, then you will need to use SpyMaster Pro. You will need apple id and password of a device and just add the id to spymaster pro and it will give you access to contacts, call logs, SMS logs, WhatsApp, facebook, snapchat, email, Instagram etc. you will be able to access the store photos and videos too.

mSpy: It is another web app that works similar to Spyzie and Spymaster pro.

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