Best Custom ROM for AT&T LG G3 [Root, recovery and Android lollipop update]

AT&T Customers were blessed with LG G3 and it is one of the best Android Smartphone available on network and is successor of well tested AT&T LG G2. It is available on AT&T Store and on Amazon at a price of $499.99. Competing with other phones in market like Galaxy Note 4, Galaxy S5, Xperia Z3. LG G3 still stands strong when performance at this price is considered. AT&T is also selling a version of LG G3 they claim that it’s sportier – LG G3 Vigor.

Best Custom ROM for At&T LG G3

We are here to talk about the best custom ROM available AT&T LG G3. But first let me tell you how you can root your Phone. Thanks for XDA forum member jCase who has developed a stump root method for LG phones and it works for Sprint, Verizon, AT&T and T-Mobile users as well. This method is very easy to perform, you just need to download and install the stump root apk and root your phone. Then you can install SuperSU app from play store. Below is a detailed video on how you can root your AT&T LG G3.

Download Stump root

Tip: Use Xposed framework to customize your device without custom rom.

To flash TWRP recovery and get your device ready to have a custom ROM installed you can use another app bump from developer “thecubed”. Already tested on all LG G3 version this app works perfectly to unlock your AT&T LG G3 and install TWRP recovery.

Download Bump

Best Custom ROM for AT&T LG G3:

There are few good ROM available for AT&T LG G3 on Xda developers and other forums. As this is a flagship device lots of developers are working on developing custom firmware for the device.

OrionLP ROM for AT&T LG G3: Finally, a stable Android Lollipop ROM is available for LG G3 LTE users. They have updated and added lots of new features and bug fixes, most of the things are now working on Orion LP Android 5.1.1 ROM. The ROM is based on Slim ROM so it’s very light and fast. Battery performance is better than stock ROM. But you will surely miss few features LG ROM is providing. But still it’s one of the best Android L ROM available for LTE G3 version.

Orion LP ROM

Android 5.5.1 lollipop rom for AT&T LG G3

CyanogenMod 12 Android 5.0 Lollipop ROM for AT&T LG G3 LTE:

You want to try the latest Android Lollipop features on your phone, all you would need is to root and install TWRP recovery. You can flash the newly launched CM12 custom firmware. They have fixed most of the bugs and you find some minor problems. Developers have also made a custom kernel for CM12 ROM which will make a much better experience.

More about CM12 ROM and download.  Our friends are testing few Android lollipop roms on LG G3. We will tip you about best Lollipop custom rom for At&T LG G3 very soon.

Deadly Venom ROM for AT&T LG G3: Venom are known to make good ROM for HTC and LG devices. They have done it again for AT&T LG G3. This is a Stock firmware based ROM and is totally stable and without any bugs. They are using an optimized version of Stock kernel which has made the user interface very fluid and snappy. The custom firmware is pre-rooted, De-bloated and Zipaligned. There are lots of tweaks for performance and better battery backup.

More about Venom ROM

Venom ROM - Best custom rom for ATT LG G3

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3 thoughts on “Best Custom ROM for AT&T LG G3 [Root, recovery and Android lollipop update]”

  1. I have a question that I am praying you can help me with. I prevously owned a LG Google Nexus 5 and I absoulutley LOVED that phone. So much in fact that it was becoming very very expensive for me to keep. I dropped my Nexus 5 so many times that the bezel/frame/housing… etc. Whatever you want to call it was bent. I would go to a local phone fix place where they would charge me $80 for a new screen/digitilizer… which was actually a deal because they usually charge $100 for that service. Anyways, honest to god I was having my screen replaced at the very least once a month sometimes twice. The problem was is that the screen would never have a good seal all the way around due the the bent bezel. I tried several different cases blah blah blah. So the last time I broke my screen I said goodbye to my precious and bought a “unlocked” lg g3 vigor. Which hardware and software wise is pretty close to the nexus 5. I am not a newbie when it comes to rooting or custom roms but at the same time I still have ALOT to learn. Upon purchasing the LG G3 Vigor (d725) I found out very fast that thing were and are alot simpler on the Nexus. I have no problem getting the phone rooted. But installing installing a custom recovery is a whole other topic. I have no idea how to do it for my model which happens to be a (d725). One of the main problems being is that I cannot find any good resources for the d725. Its almost like no one else in the world bought that model except me. Now the reason I want the custom recovery isnt for installing roms… which would be nice just to have the option… but what i really want is xposed for lollipop which can only be installed via custom recovery. I even went to some china version of e-bay and purchased a new lg google nexus 5 bezel, screen and tools for like $30. I thought I hit the jackpot but as it turns out the dude tried to rob me, but thank god i put the money in escrow until i recieved the product. The site e-mailed me saying that they froze my order due to the seller being under investigation for fradulant activites. Last night they said that they were sending me a full refund that can take 5-10 days to be re-imburst. Anyways I am at a fork trying to decide if i should roll the dice again and buy the parts again, but i really just want to be able to put a custom recovery on this phone. Like I said all I really want is a debloated phone with xposed. If you or anyone please please point me in the right direction I would really appreciate it. Im just lost and tired of being lost. It seems as though i cannot find any guides to the lg g3 vigor (d725) att model phone. Please Help. Thank you, Randy

  2. Hello my name is jasmine.

    I am experiencing the same problem. I have an att lg g3 vmd725 vigor and i rooted it just fine. Its just for some reason i canbot find anything on how to install the custom recovery on it. Its like the d725 version doesnt exist. If you guys have a solution to this or know someone who does can you let me know please and thank you.

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