Download and install LG Optimus G Pro Launcher, Widget and Live wallpaper to any Android Phone

LG is not too successful with their Android Phones but they have a different lining of the Launcher and custom wallpapers that is loved by many peoples. LG has recently launched Optimus G Pro, which features the newest LG User interface and Launcher. There are also many new Live wallpapers and Widgets that are attractive. If you have a Phone that is running on Android 4.1 Jelly Bean then you can experience the user interface by installing Optimus G Pro Launcher.

LG Optimus G Pro launcher Widgets Live wallpaper APK download

XDA dev forum members have ripped the launcher, wallpaper and widget and made it available as .apk files that can be easily installed on any ICS or Jelly Bean Android phone.


LG Optimus G Pro launcher Apk download

LG Optimus G Pro Home Launcher V2

LG Optimus G Pro Accuweather

(Inside the weather folder, you’ll see a file “WeatherMultiCPbin.apk”. Copy this to “system/app” directory using root browser. The main weather app can be installed normally).

LG Optimus G Pro Themes

LG Optimus G Pro Themes V2

LG Optimus G Pro Calendar Widget

LG Optimus G Pro Task Manager + Widget

LG Optimus G Pro Live Wallpapers

LG Intuition Charging Live Wallpapers

LG Optimus G Pro Live Wallpapers

LG Optimus G Pro Full HD Wallpapers

LG Optimus G Pro Wallpapers and Widget apk download

How to install the LG Optimus G Pro Launcher, live wallpaper and Widget APK on your Phone:

I would like to remind that your Phone must be running the latest Ice Cream Sandwich or Jelly Bean Android version. If you are on an old version then you can update using the latest firmware release or a custom ROM available specifically for your device.

It is also suggested that your Phone must be rooted so that you can root browser for the operation mentioned in the download section.

Download the zip files and extract them to a folder. Now, Copy the folder to Phone’s SD card. Use any file explorer on your Android phone and browse to the folder. Install the apk files for launcher and widgets. If the installation fails or reports an error then you will have to place the launcher and weather apk to your Phone’s internal Storage to a folder system/data. To do this you can use any root file manager, just copy and paste files to the system/data folder and then change the permission to rw-r-r-

You are done, enjoy the Optimus G Pro Launcher with LGUI 4.0. You will also like the wallpaper and widget designs. Let us know if you face any problem.

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