How to Root Nokia X to install Google Launcher and Play store

MWC 2014 bought us the biggest news that Microsoft owned Phone manufacturer will launch Android based X series of Android device. But they have customized Android to change the Ecosystem and there are no Play store and you cannot install any third party launcher until you root your device. Well, there are lots of updates and opinion flying around the Internet. But still Nokia launching Android device is a great news for people who are looking for cheaper Android phones but with better build quality.

Easily Root Nokia X and Install Recovery

Nokia X Pros and Cons:

Nokia X Pros:

  • Nokia Flavored Android with Metro like UI will be loved by user who liked the Windows Phone UI, but wanted the flexibility of Android environment. Some people think that this is too much different, but let me remind you that Amazon has done the same with Kindle Android Tablets and received great applause and success.
  • Nokia has integrated it with Nokia Mix Radio, Maps and its much better than what Google was offering in the same department. Features like 6 months of unlimited music download , turn by turn navigation in multiple language and some other Camera apps features provide customer a distinct attraction toward the devices.
  • Pricing is very attractive and it will seriously affect the companies that are offering cheap Android Phones.
  • Solid Design and Build quality- Nokia has kept the same Lumia style design and build quality here, which is much appreciated and people are welcoming it. So people who are seeking a solid and dependable quality Android phone that too at an affordable price will go for Nokia.

Nokia X Cons:

  • The first thing that hit me was 512 MB RAM. Most of the phone in this price range is now embedding at least 1GB RAM on their hardware. With 512 MB RAM, the scope for multi-tasking and gaming are limited
  • 1500 mAH may sound good, but when you compare it with other phones then you will find that most of Dual SIM Phone has at least 2000 mAH batteries.
  • There is no front camera for video calling and the rear camera is just 3MP.
  • Google apps and services like Play store does not come pre installed.


How to root Nokia X:

Rooting Nokia X is pretty easy with Framaroot Gandalf exploit. You will need to install apk and easily root your device. Download the apk here. Now, copy it to phone storage and then go to settings>>security and then enable unknown sources. Now, install the apk and open the framearoot app. Select Gandalf in the exploits menu and install SuperSU from the option. Go ahead your Nokia X will rooted.

framaroot-Nokia X Root

How to install Google apps on Nokia X:

Download Google apps for Nokia X

Installing Google apps like Gmail, Play store etc is easy now, XDA developer member Kashamalaga has created a package that can be downloaded from above mentioned link. You will also need Root explorer, just extract the apk from the zip file and then open root explorer and copy all apk to /system/app and change the permission of files as shown below, just reboot and you are done. Try to launch Play store after reboot, once connected to the internet it will ask for username and password.

Install Google apps and Play store on Nokia X

Install Google Now launcher on Nokia X:

Just download this zip, extract all apk and install to get the Google Now launcher running on your Nokia X. You may loose notifications as fast lane stops working.

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  1. my nokia x is not root its showing failed try another exploit if available(error #7)i tryed other its not working what should i do?

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