Best Keyboard apps for Android – Change the way you text

Best Android Keyboard app is not much hard to find. You need to note down your preferences and look into a comparison of keyboard apps available for Android platform. Android revolutionized the Smartphone market, one of the biggest things it changed is the way we type on our phone. Previously, phones used to come with physical keyboards that were not much tactile. People who were too much into texting used to buy Blackberry devices for the full fledge QWERTY keypads. But Android presented users with a touch based keyboard that can be customized as per user requirements. Apps like Swype changed things further by enhancing the user interface and introducing typing though swiping though letters and it will automatically detect the word. Besides that, many small changes in UI have changed the keyboard experience, like multiple languages, keyboard recognizes and remembers frequently used words by you.

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Best Keyboard apps for Android for fast and easy typing emojis multiple languages

We are here with a review of Best Keyboard apps available for Android phones and Tablets. We tried more than a dozen of keyboard applications and selected the best to feature on this list.

Best Keyboard apps for Android:

SwiftKey Keyboard:

SwiftKey lies at the top when it comes to Android soft keyboards because of its unbeatable precision control, customs, accuracy and supercharged feature. So, here we have the pros and cons of this amazing app which helps you decide why it is so popular in contrast to others.

SwiftKey  Best Android Keyboard apps

1.Smart Prediction System:

SwiftKey is unbeatable in contrast to others due to its constantly improving prediction engine. It improves with user’s usage by predicting from social networks, messages, emails and adjusts its writing style accordingly for saving more time.

1.High Data Packet Usage:

It usually consumes more data per week or data due to its regular bug fixing issues.

2. Custom Themes:

You can use a wide range of customized times with SwiftKey which improves your overall writing environment.

2.Paid Themes:

Most of the amazing themes are in-app purchases, so users take a low interest in customizing themes.

3.Simultaneously Integrate Multiple Languages:

SwiftKey can seamlessly integrate more than one language into one complete autocorrect text.

3.Privacy Issues:

Most of the time it automatically saves unwanted words in its dictionary.

4.Open Source:

It is free to download and customize accordingly but for a more advanced feature, in-app purchases are also available.

4.Poor Swipe recognition:

Unlike others, its swipe recognition requires more precision and hence difficult to recognize words often.

5.Supports 61 languages:

SwiftKey supports 61 languages worldwide including 15 Indian languages.

5.Abrupt language separations:

Due to the use of multiple languages, it can choose any one keyboard at a time, so it makes more hectic for the user to type.

6.Available in 5 sizes:

It can easily access 5 sizes. According to your personal interest, you can choice the keyboard size.

6.Extreme usage of memory and processor:

This makes it extremely inbound for resource management as it lags often due to high load on processor.

7.Alpha-Numeric Keyboard:

Numeral Keyboard is attached with alphabets. But users can additionally display number pad according to its need.

8.Frequent Emojis:

Fast and easy access to emojis on search basis.

9.Built-in Voice Dictation:

It consists of Google Voice Dictation feature with great precision.

10.Overall usage details:

It shows amazing details about your keystrokes saved, corrections done and many more. It has a heat map feature which indicates how SwiftKey has corrected the mistakes.



Google Keyboard:

Google Keyboard is a smart and intelligent keyboard that makes it type faster than we usually think due to its high personalized keyword gestures. It has dynamic floating view technique which shows precision to a great extent. Here are some of its most amazing features which make you captivate install this app.

Google keyboard best apps for Android

1.Faster and convenient memory usage:

Google Keyboard is quick to access and rarely lags while typing.

1.Poor Prediction System:

It cannot predict as smartly as done by SwiftKey.

2.Open Source:

It is freely available at Google Play Store.

2.Poor Customs:

It only provides basic settings like vibrate on key press and much more.

3.Unique Design:

Its design is deliberated by Google, so it has the same custom design.

3.Default Size:

You cannot float or shrink the keyboard according to your need, which is really required for better customization.


4.Preferable System Design:

The words that you usually prefer using gestures multiple times or select manually is learned automatically by its system.

4.Cannot Integrate Multiple Languages simultaneously:

Each time user has to manually change the language


You can use a distinct way by sliding from one letter to other in a flow to create a specific word.

5.Supports only 26 languages:

It is not friendly for users around the world. It really needs to extend the language customs.

6.Materialistic Custom Themes:

You can choose themes to design the skin of keyboard.

6.Symbol order is altered:

Its design is slightly dissimilar as compared to the real keyword. Users may face difficulty in various situations.

7.Switch languages with one tap:

You can switch to another language by simply swiping on the space bar or tapping the globe icon. It has offered a great relief for the bilinguals.

8.Swipe for punctuations:

Tap the key in the lower left corner to simply switch to punctuation keyboard.

9.Lively Floating display of gesture characters:

It creates an active floating preview of the character selected while using gestures. It is well designed as help in focusing eye properly while typing.

10.Multi-layout keyboard:

You can choose from any layout like English PC Layout, Dvorak and much more according to your need.

11.Personal Dictionary:

It provides a feature called personal dictionary in which we can add words for multiple uses while typing.



Swype Keyboard:

Type Fast, Swype Faster! The keyword that has really brought a big revolution with its continuous motion system. It can write 40 words per minute. It supports the largest collection of languages and dialects including 15 Indian languages which make it really popular around the world. It features cloud sync dictionary which is really helpful if you use Swype on multiple platforms. Below are some pros and cons which are really important to know before using this app.

swype keyboard for Android - best apps

1.Supports 71 languages along with 20 dialects:

It consists of the largest collections of dialects and languages in contrast to others.

1.License and Privacy Issues:

It carries horrible privacy problems as it uses our licensing and speech data as a set for further processing by the third party developers which are really insane. It also uses GPS locations for unknown reasons with high data usage.

2.Custom Themes:

It has custom design themes for the keyboard skin.

2.Usually Lag behind:

Due to its update issues, it abnormally lags and has memory usage issues.

3.Lively languages and hottest phrases:

This feature is eventually out sourcing the hottest words and phrases around the world from millions of users.

3.Rarely fixes bugs:

Due to its slow pacing of an update, if there occurs a bug in the software, it usually takes time for the app developers to fix its issues.


4.Features Cloud Sync Dictionary:

It saves your preprocess predictions and corrections in its database and you can use them eventually whenever you need to experience the same.

4.Unique Dragon Voice feature:

It provides a feature called Dragon Voice for dictation purpose, though it is completely different from Google Voice Recognition Software.

5.Features Gesture typing and typing techniques:

It provides swyping and tapping technique depending upon our needs.




Fleksy Keyboard: 

Fleksy is the fastest, most accurate and highly customized keyboard. Along with this, we have features like mini display mode which ultimately reduces the keyboard size accordingly. It follows error correcting algorithms to identify the intended word. Due its fastest writing speed, it is widely used in smart watches. But the most astounding feature is that it is based on alternate Blind Type keyboard. Due to its accuracy and gesture control feature, it helps to focus on the text we are actually writing. Here we have some of the most astonishing pros and cons for you which really impress you to download this app.

Flesky best keyboard app for android


1.Available in Gear 2 smart watch:

It has been installed on Gear 2 watches to create an iconic experience for the users.

1.Free Trial Version:

The trial is only for one month. For further use, the user needs to pay in-app purchases from Google Play Store.

2.Custom Settings:

Extensions are available to customize the according to your need.

2.Poor Prediction of next word:

There is no scope for prediction of next word, so you have to type each and every word.

3.Fastest Typing Speed:

It holds the world record of typing the universal phrase in just 18.19 seconds. This shows its durable and reliable interface.

3.Swipe is unavailable:

It doesn’t feature Swype technique of typing.

4.Autocorrect feature is accurate:

Its autocorrect is persistently unbeatable in contrast to others such that we can type even without looking at the display at a great pace.

4.Support Fewer languages:

Still it is in the development stage, so it has to add more language inputs to make it more user-friendly.

5.Features around 800 emojis:

It provides altogether 800 different emojis that you can use eventually to express emotions while typing.

6.Custom Themes:

It provides custom themes in light and dark themes of keyboard skins.

7.Mini display mode:

It features mini sized display as the last row of keys consisting of the spacebar is hidden. You can enable this feature by swiping down with two fingers.

8.Smart Prediction:

It improves with user’s usage by predicting from social networks, messages, emails and adjusts its writing style accordingly for saving more time.

9.Gesture Control:

one of the most fascinating features of this keyboard as we can create gestures to input spaces, commas and even do corrections while typing.

10.Blind Keyboard:

We can type even without looking at the screen. Features like gesture control and accurate predictions help to focus on typing.



Minuum Keyboard: 

The Minuum keyboard is smarter, reliable and works faster. It is mostly designed to be used in small screen devices in which we can easily type using this keyboard. It ultimately minimizes the keyboard to a single row which is really innovative for future gadgets. Its smaller size makes it popular and ranked it in 5th position among those other fascinating soft keyboards. For your convenience, below are some of its pros and cons which are really fascinating.

minuum keyboard app for Android best apps

1.Minimal Space Allocation:

It requires half the vertical space allocated for the keyboard as all the three rows in a single row. You may use gestures to input space and return. This keyboard is really a boon for those phones with a smaller screen.

1.Difficult to learn:

It really takes a jerk to learn to type in minimized mode.

2.Optional Full keyboard:

You may use the optional complete keyboard when you require more precision for typing or it may not recognize the word.

3.Easy and convenient User interface:

It is simpler for movement and editing purposes.

4.Available in 13 languages:

It supports 13 different languages.

5.Supports Smart watch:

With its minimal size, it is convenient to use this in smart watches as well as ideal for typing purposes.

6.Custom Themes:

It supports customized theme designs to make it more reliable according to the environment.



We would love to hear from you, which keyboard app you are using on your Android phone and why you like or dislike the app. If you want any other keyboard to be added to this list then let us know . Stay tuned with us, we will be bringing in updates about new apps and devices.

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  1. This is a great article! You have made an excellent article with all the pros and cons for every keyboard app.
    I personally use Google Keyboard as it has all the features I need. You can use the swipe function as well to type faster.

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