Buying Wedding Invitations vs. DIY Invitations- Invitation card maker

If you are interested in getting the best cards for your weddings, you have landed in the right place. Couples planning their wedding day are always in a dilemma when designing, creating, and sharing wedding invitation cards with their guests. This is mainly because of the cost of buying wedding invitation cards or designs. The conventional designing and card creating process can cost thousands of dollars, not an affordable package for a middle-class couple.

In this post, we will tell you all about wedding invitation cards and the factors that impact the cost of the invites. We would also tell you about the modern invitation maker apps and the DIY technique to help you reduce this expense and still get the best cards for your wedding.

Buying wedding invitations – Factors affecting the cost of invites

Many factors would affect the cost of the invitation card. So you must know about it so that you can make the right purchase decision. Below we have listed the factors which would help you make sense of all costs of the wedding card.

●     Paper Types

You might not know, that there is a huge variety of paper types used in wedding cards these days. Every paper type has its own cost, so it is a huge contributing factor to the final cost of the invite. Some of the commonly used paper types on wedding cards are Cotton Fiber, Felt Cardstock, Matte, Glossy, Parchment, Vellum, Glassine, and Linen. These paper types cost somewhere between $10 and $30 per sheet.

●     Design elements

Designs elements are what would help you customize your card according to your event. The design elements and the card’s theme will also tell your guests whether it would be a decent and elegant event or it would be a party for decades to come. Some commonly used design elements include photography, engraved text designs, foil stamped, letterpressed, glitter, colors, and other relevant elements! These design elements are considered to be the most expensive part of the wedding card. It consumes more than 30% of the total cost of the cards.

●     Envelope pricing

The envelope of the wedding card is also a major cost that you have to know about. If you choose envelopes separately, you will increase the cost of the card by more than 30%. The reason that envelopes are more expensive is that you have to customize them separately. You have to get the address printed on them. Here we would suggest you always double-check the size of the cards and the envelope!

●     Shipping cost

In traditional card designing, you also have to add the shipping costs to the card. The average cost that you would spend on shipping per card is around $0.5. This means that if you have 2000 guests, you have to spend a hundred dollars to deliver the card to them. Moreover, you should know that the cost of shipping also depends on the address of the recipient and the weight of the card. So you can always expect this cost to go up!

DIY invitation card – Is this a better option?

Designing your cards can help you avoid all the costs spent designing and customizing cards. Most of you must be thinking that you can only design a card if you have proper design skills and a degree. A person with a degree and trained skills can create their wedding cards, but this doesn’t mean that you cannot do it. Today invitation card designing has become easier since the launch of online invitation card maker apps and tools.

There are many invite card maker apps listed on the web. Some of them let you pick free template designs, and some might ask you for a small fee for the template design. But you must know that designing a card by yourself with the best invitation card maker will cost you ten times less than traditional card designing. Below we have mentioned one of the most popular greeting card maker apps which you can try yourself:

Invitation Maker Free – Birthday & Wedding Card

If you want to create free cards for your wedding or birthday, you can rely on this invitation. On this invitation card maker, you will find more than a thousand different template designs that you can customize according to the nature of your event. This free engagement invitation maker app is considered best for couples who don’t want to waste their expense in designing and sharing paper cards. This digital invite card maker would help you get templates and allow you to personalize and share the cards electronically with your guest for free!

Buying Wedding Invitations vs. DIY Invitations- Invitation card maker

Benefits that you can enjoy by using this greeting cards maker app:

  • Free designing and learning opportunities.
  • Getting free cards for your wedding.
  • New and updated trendy designs for weddings
  • HD pictures that you can add to the card.
  • Various overlays and backgrounds that you can change as per your choice.
  • Free adding of filters and colors to the card.

Using the digital invitation card maker apps and designing the card yourself can save a lot of time, money, and effort. This digital designing and sharing process hardly takes a few minutes!

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