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Best Dual Sim Phones below Rs 5000 – Non Android

Best Dual Sim Phones Below Rs 5000

When you think about Dual Sim Phones in Price range of Rs 5000 or below $100 then there are lots of options in the market and people get confused easily. I have seen my friend regretting their purchase due to laggy performance, buggy firmware or bad battery. On this article I will be listing the

Best Budget Android Phones UK and Europe

Sony Xperia Tipo-Best Budget Android Phones UK and Europe

All the well known and popular Mobile phone manufacturers are launching their budget Android phone in the market. People previously used to think that if a phone has cheap price it means that it will not be nice phone and will deliver very poor performance. Today market is flooded with Android Smartphone in a budget

Best Gaming Android Smartphones and What games you should Play?

Mobile Gaming is one of the most wide spread thing now, all thanks to Android revolution which made it possible to play better games on mobiles. Android Phones have powerful processor and Graphic processors that add to better 3D and 2D rendering. This has been helpful and attractive for Android developers to create high end

Best Dual Sim Android Phone below Rs 10000- Karbonn A9, Micromax SuperFone Infinity, Galaxy Y Duos, Karbonn A9+, Karbonn A11, Micromax Superfone Elite A84, Spice Stellar Mi 425, Sony Xperia Tipo Dual- Pros and Cons

Karbonn A9 VS Micromax SuperFone Infinity VS Galaxy Y Duos VS Karbonn A9 Plus VS Karbonn A11 VS Micromax Superfone Elite A84 VS Spice Stellar Mi 425 VS Sony Xperia Tipo Dual

Android Smartphone is getting common and it looks like companies in India are eager to churn out the best in Rs 10000 Android Phone segment. There are lots of phones that are dual sim and powered by Android. We picked up a big list [Karbonn A9, Micromax SuperFone Infinity, Galaxy Y Duos, Karbonn A9+, Karbonn

HTC One X+ Specs, features, review, Pros and Cons

HTC One X+ specs features review Pros and Cons

HTC One X was a great competitor to Samsung Galaxy SIII but HTC does not seems to stop the war here. They have launched their latest flagship Android 4.1 Jelly Bean device named HTC one X+. There are leaks that this Phone will start shipping to Northern Asia and Europe by end of October 2012.

LG Optimus G Specs, features, Review, Pros and Cons

LG optimus G specs features review Pros and Cons

LG has launched their new Flagship Android device in IFA 2012 Berlin named as Optimus G. We were already getting many rumored specs and photos of Optimus G. Lastly, LG has confirmed all the details and released some photos. Website like GSMarena and Phonearena are already providing hands on review but here I try to