Sony Xperia SP – Best Android Phone below Rs 25000 [$500] – Specs, features, review, Pros and Cons

Sony Xperia SP is the latest Android Jelly Bean Phone from Sony. They have launched this Phone to attract people who are looking for the best Specs at a Price range of $500 or Rs 25000. Although, there are many options available in this range, like HTC One X+, LG Optimus G, Googlge Nexus 4. But still Sony Xperia has some distinct features and stands against these phones.

Sony Xperia SP specs features review Pros and Cons Best Android Phone below Rs 25000

Xperia SP features a Quad Band GSM/GPRS/EDGE compatible with 3G, HSDPA and LTE support. Powered by a new Dual Core 1.7Ghz Krait CPU with 1GB RAM paired with Adreno 320 GPU and Qualcomm S4 Pro MSM8960T chipset. Xperia SP features a 4.6inch 720P TFT screen with Sony Bravia Engine 2 and Corning Gorilla glass protection. 8MP camera boosts a 1080pHD recording @30fps with HDR mode, continuous Auto focus and stereo sound. The Phone design and curves look too good compared to phone in the same price range.

Sony Xperia SP Benchmark and Performance test scores

Sony Xperia SP Pros and Cons/ advantages and disadvantages

Pros/ advantages

  • Well build and good product quality
  • Text readability and the video are brilliant on the screen
  • Consistent performance- Decent Processing speed and fluid UI
  • Battery lasts long

Cons/ disadvantages

  • The camera does not work great in low light
  • The viewing angle is not wise.
  • Non user replaceable battery.
  •  There are other Quad Core Phone available at same price.

Sony has most of the Phones targeting the mid range customer.  Sony has achieved some good feedback with their flagship device Xperia Z. Sony is trying to milk the mid range market with its Xperia SP and Xperia L. There will be few more devices released by Sony in coming months for the mid range customers. Although, When considered with performance and specs, LG Nexus 4 sounds better but few customers would love Xperia SP with its good music and screen performance.

Models Sony Xperia SP Google Nexus 4 LG Optimus G HTC One X+
Processor Qualcomm MSM8960Pro Snapdragon Qualcomm APQ8064 Snapdragon Qualcomm APQ8064 Snapdragon NVIDIA Tegra 3 AP37
Clock Speed 1.7 GHz 1.5 GHz 1.5 GHz 1.7 GHz
Cores 2 4 4 4
Internal Storage 8GB 32GB 32GB 64GB
Expandable memory? Yes No No No
Display Size 4.6-inch 4.7-inch 4.7-inch 4.7-inch
Display Type TFT with Bravia Engine 2 True HD-IPS + LCD True HD-IPS + LCD S-LCD2
Display Resolution 1280 x 720 pixels 1280 x 768 pixels 1280 x 768 pixels 1280 x 720 pixels
Camera Resolution 8MP 8MP 13MP 8MP
Battery capacity 2370mAh 2100mAh 2100mAh 2100mAh
Approx Market Price Rs. 27,490 Rs. 25000 Rs. 29,990 Rs. 28,899

We would love to hear your thoughts about Sony Xperia SP. You can also check the performance and Benchmark comparison of Xperia SP, Nexus 4, Optimus G and HTC One X+ below.

Sony Xperia SP Benchmark and Performance test compared with HTC One X plus- Nexus 4 and Optimus G