Best Custom ROM for Galaxy Note 2 N7100 – Optimized for performance and battery backup

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Galaxy Note II N7100 is a Quad Core Exynos powered Jelly Bean Android phone that is 4G LTE enabled. This is a flagship device and thus Samsung keeps it updated with the latest firmware and new features. We have already told you about how to root Galaxy note 2, this time we are going to discuss some of the best custom ROM available for Galaxy Note 2. If you are a proud owner of LTE equipped Note 2 N7100 but still expect more from it than you can install various custom ROM that can give you new feel. Beside that some of the ROMs available for serious developers enhances performance and battery output.

Best Custom ROM for Galaxy Note 2 N7100

Best Custom ROM for Galaxy Note 2 N7100

Get Note 3 features on Galaxy Note 2 N7100- If you are searching for custom ROM that can get your Note 3 like features. There are a few projects on XDA forum that are trying to get all Note 3 features working on Note 2. Team Electron has worked hard and bought up DN3 [Ditto Note 3] ROM for Note 2 N7100. You will get all note 3 features working on this ROM stably. Beside that there is an official Note 3 Mod project by senior XDA member tamirda. Based on XXUEMK4 of Note 2 and XXUMJ7 for Note 3. The ROM has Note 3 launcher, multi window, wallpaper, keyboard etc.

Team Electron has updated the Ditto Note 3 rom to latest Android 4.4 Kit Kat. It is great news for Note 2 users and now you will get Android Kit Kat and that too with Note 3 features like Air command, smart scroll, smart pause, Signature lock, Multiwindow with quad view etc.

Android 4.4 Kit Kat Kang Bang ROM for Note 2 N7100:ThdDude an XDA forum senior member has launched a stable unofficial CM11 Android 4.4 Build for Notes 2 users. There are some essential features not working but the developer has mentioned that he will try to resolve all bugs in coming updates. But still you can enjoy Kit Kat on your device so hurray!

CM11 Unofficial for Note 2 N7100

Criskelo ROM for Galaxy Note 2 N7100: Criskelo is a well known developer when it comes to cooking ROM for Samsung devices. He has successfully developed some well optimized ROMs for Galaxy S3 and Galaxy Note users. Note 2 N7100 users can enjoy Criskelo ROM now. The ROM is based on stock Android 4.1.2 Jelly Bean rooted firmware. Fully zipaligned and deodexed ROM for best performance. Beside that developers have tweaked performance, Audio and User interface for fast and fluid performance. There are lots of good reviews out there by Criskelo ROM users. The ROM is stable and is a great daily runner.

Criskelo ROM for Galaxy Note 2

Omega ROM for Note 2: It as well know ROM as well to Android modders based on latest Android 4.1.2 XXDME6 firmware. Well, there are lots of features that can be customized while installing using Aroma installer. You will get custom boot animations, wallpaper, ink effect. There are loads of added functionality like to skip tracks with a long press of Volume button. There is an Omega settings panel which will further help you to optimized the experience and functionality.

Omega ROM for Galaxy Note 2

Wanam Lite ROM for Galaxy Note II N7100: The main goal of this Rom is Stability, performance and battery life, that’s why the developer has tried to include essential and free bug mods only. Features of the ROM are: Based on latest Samsung Base, Pure Stock Themed, Deodexed, Rooted, Zipaligned, Unlimited SMS recipient list, 23 Toggle buttons & Numeric battery (optional on Aroma), Large APN’s list, Repacked & Tweaked stock kernel + init.d support (tweaks will keep working on other custom kernels), Automatic SMS encoding (Arabic and other utf-8 encoding support), Tweaked Pegasusq Governor, Disabled scrolling cache, No incremental ringtone, Enabled Call recording, 4 Way reboot (Recovery,Download…), Stock Keyboard, Enabled all Languages on Settings menu, keyboard and S-Pen and Kies support. To know more about the ROM and to download it, go to the link provided below:

Download Wanam Lite ROM for Galaxy Note II N7100

Team Asylum CM 10 ROM for Galaxy Note II N7100: The ROM is built form CyanogenMod sources. Features of the ROM are: light weight – 130 megs (removed apk’s will be in seperate zip), everything blacked out, status bar icon drawing raised to 85%(icons are brighter in status bar), ro.sf.lcd density=240, init.d scripts – better mounting and removing journalism, SuperSU is default, Holo Launcher HD is default, amazing battery life, kernel OC’d up to 1.9ghz – 640 on the GPU, ads blocked and much more. To know more about the ROM and to install it, visit the link provided below:

Download Team Asylum CM 10 ROM for Galaxy Note II N7100

Android Revolution HD ROM for Galaxy Note II N7100: The ROM is based on Android 4.1.2 Jelly Bean which is latest and official Samsung N7100XXDMA5 firmware. The ROM is Very fast, clean & stable. Features of the ROM are: Multi-language (WWE), Full Arabic and Hebrew languages support (ICS feature), Removed software (CPU) rendering – full Exynos 4 Quad (GPU) rendering, Fully optimized and tweaked, ROOT (su + SuperSu Permissions), Unsecured boot.img, Newest BusyBox and RAM optimizations. To know other details about the ROM and to download it, visit the link provided below:

Download Android Revolution HD ROM for Galaxy Note II N7100

Resurrection Remix ROM for Galaxy Note II N7100: The ROM is based on XXLL5FW. Features of the ROM are: modem XXDLK7, Aroma installer 2.56 (Brand new Resurrection Red themed S-Pen Air view capable), No Wipe/Full Wipe Options (aroma), N.E.A.K.1.3 KERNEL (aroma), RedPill Rev1.01 kernel (aroma), Supercharger performance tweak (improvements for ram and CPU performance)(aroma), EXT Options (aroma), GPU 2D G  Rendering options for fluid interface and scrolling (aroma),

Volume Hack -improving sound quality and loud (aroma), apex – nova launchers (aroma), AOSP MMS apps (inverted /default/quick reply) (aroma), inverted full gapps & music players + many AOSP JB apps(aroma), Samsung BW Stock apps (aroma), Many of Sammy based system and framework issues improved, Improved Wakelock and battery performance, improved 3D GPU Performans and gaming experience, added some patches  from 4.2 sources and other cool features. To know more about the ROM and to download it, visit the link provided below:

Download Resurrection Remix ROM for Galaxy Note II N7100

Choose the ROM which you like and you can even try all the ROM’s mentioned above one-by-one. Just keep in mind, you should create a Nandroid backup of your existing ROM so that you can revert the same whenever you want. Let us know your queries, we are here for you always.


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  • Tom

    All four seem to be renowned for their stability, performance, and battery life — so which one is the best out of these four in your opinion? I also hear good things about CleanROM, PhoeniX, and Jelly Beans.

  • Jon

    The N7100 does not have LTE. Just saying.